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Mechanical Repairs & Engine Works

  • ME&AE mechanical overhauls as per maker's instructions issuing Final Report with precise measurements to be presented to the costumer TSI and in front of Class
  • Maintenance of auxiliary machinery: Maintenance / repair / replacement of pumps and air compressors
  • Propulsion Repairs
  • Thruster Overhauls
  • Tail shaft Surveys
  • Pumps Repairs
  • Winches
  • Bolters
  • Gearboxes
  • Sheaves
  • Special Survey Items
  • Crane & hatch cover repairs including hydraulics.
We have service teams that have been specialized in the servicing of slow and medium speed engines. WE SERVICE THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: MAN B&W, Sulzer, MAN, Himsen, Mitsubishi Diesel, Wartsila Daihatsu, Yanmar, Deutz, Caterpillar, MTU, Baudouin, Volvo Penta

SRS-ShipRepair manpower supply is committed to supply highly skilled workers on very short notice request for repairs onboard vessels on voyage and in shipyards worldwide. Our workers are skilled in overhauling all types of marine engines, diesel generators, hydraulic systems, boilers, condensers, cargo and ballast pumps.

Maintenance and repair of deck machines

  1. Maintenance and repair of mooring/anchor winches
  2. Wire, pulleys and bearings replacement on jibs of cargo cranes
  3. Hatch cover repairs. Bearing replacement and steel works
  4. Aluminum gangways repair and welding. Fabrication at new ladder steps.
  5. Hydraulic piping and hydraulic systems.

SRS - Shiprepair

We offer a full range of services related to reconditioning (machining, build-up welding, heat treatment, chrome plating, etc.), and also produce new parts. Reconditioning and Mechanization of spare part, SRS-ShipRepair unconditionally guarantees effective durability of the reconditioned details.

  • Reconditioning of worn out parts
  • Reconditioning steel piston crowns
  • Reconditioning of exhaust valves and seats
  • Reconditioning of cast iron-made covers for four stoke engines (main and auxiliary).
  • Rectifying of cylinder liner pistons and cylinder heads
  • Repair of fluid valves and piping accessories
  • Reconditioning Hydraulic cylinder piston rods
  • Reconditioning Connecting rods
  • Reconditioning Propellers / propeller shafts
  • Reconditioning Steering gears rams
  • Reconditioning Planetary gear boxes
  • Reconditioning Rudder stocks
  • Reconditioning Valve cages
  • Reconditioning Cooling jackets
  • Reconditioning Unconventional machinery parts
  • Reconditioning Super sized machinery parts, etc.
  • Repair of the piston internal combustion engines, their parts, and turbines
  • Pump and compressor repair
  • Machinery repair
  • Inspection and calibration of the metering devices
  • Maintenance of vessel's cranes